May 14, 2012

Happy Monday!

My weekend was family filled and ended with a nice cup of Sleepytime around 10 last night.

My family was in town for Mother’s Day and even though it was rainy and dreary all weekend we still had a great time spent with each other.

Friday was a pretty low key night grabbing a few sandwiches from a place walking distance to the loft. It was the last of the nice weather for the weekend ahead, but we got to sit outside and have a casual, low key meal which was really nice.

After sandwiches we grabbed some ice cream(which I regretted the next day) and called it a night.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling gross from the ice cream and Travis and I both thought a run would help. It was a good start to the day but unfortunately didn’t do much for my tummy. The rain was getting ready to start so we finished our run right in front of The Flying Biscuit to grab some biscuits for the family as a morning treat for when they came over.

Once breakfast was done we hit up some local shops and walked around in the overcast day since the rain had subsided enough for us to enjoy being outside. It wasn’t too cold so a nice time spent out and about was perfect. Along with the perfect time came some more rain so we decided to head back to the house before dinner and our big night plans.

Dinner was way early since everyone’s biscuits had all but gone and we walked down to La Fonda. There was a lot of walking involved this weekend and almost made me feel like last weekend. I adore Mexican food and my favorite pre dinner treat is queso. As you can imagine since my stomach was angry with my dessert choice from the previous night I choose to forego the cheese and stick with salsa and guac. Let me tell you, when I couldn’t have queso there wasn’t much reason for me to enjoy the other items. I may have been internally pouting, but it turned out well. I didn’t eat nearly as many chips which meant I was able to enjoy my meal without feeling too full by the end of dinner.

I ordered three fish tacos instead of my usual two since we were rocking dinner plans around 4:30. They are so good;)

Our big plans consisted of an event I’ve been wanting to see and a totally new experience for all of us.

Roller derby has been something I’ve wanted to see live since going to see “Whip It”(if you haven’t seen this movie, rent it NOW). It was fun and a completely different experience than the normal movie and late dinner I throw together when the family comes in town. If there’s a roller derby in your area you should check it out, really fun.

After a fun night of watching women roller skate and throw each other down it was time for a nice Mother’s Day brunch. This, of course, included way too much food, quality time with the fam, and the first time I was able to wear my new dress.

I was excited about this, but when I put it on I had a slight issue with VPL(visible panty line). This is where my trusty SPANX came in to play and all was right with the world.

Quick question: For those of you that have worn SPANX, do you wear underwear under them or not? I also don’t quite understand the “hole”, but that’s just me. I know what it’s for, but makes me laugh every time.

Brunch was at South City Kitchen, which I love. I had already decided what I was going to order before we got there, but found out there was a prix fixed menu once we arrived. I normally would be super annoyed by this, but it all worked out and my meal was delicious!

Brisket benedict and grits were great but I could only eat half after having two corn bread muffins and a strawberry salad before.  I had to save room for dessert so I didn’t want to be too stuffed.

I got the pie without the cream to be on the safe side. It was definitely a first, but still good.

With all of us together it was only fitting for us to have picture time when we finished lunch.

I wished it wasn’t so rainy and yuck so the lighting was better, but it worked out anyway and we took some quality family pics.

Plus a few of the animals;)

Will had an earlier flight last night so we wrapped up the day of picture fun and dropped him off to head back to Charlotte. It was earlier enough to catch a movie so we grabbed some coffee and went to see an early movie.

I loved this soy mocha. It was almost to pretty to drink, but I needed a pick me up by the end of the day.

We went and saw “Fishing in the Yemen” which was cute. I highly recommend going to see it if you’re looking for a light, no need to think to hard movie.

It was a great weekend spent with the family. I am so glad I’m done with school so we can have more weekends together.

How was your weekend?

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1 Claire @ Live and Love to Eat May 15, 2012 at 9:37 am

Guacamole is the only thing that can make me not miss cheese in a meal. Looks like a delicious weekend! :)


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