September 17, 2012

I wore the same outfit all weekend. Tank top, running shorts, socks, and occasionally flip flops every day. Saturday I showered and dressed for dinner, but for the most part I was in my workout gear minus actually working out. You know what, I take that back. I worked out plenty, but maybe not in the traditional sense of the meaning.

When I left off Friday I had huge plans of organizing our house and after many frustrating moments we are 90% there.


The last 10% is putting the remaining furniture in storage, hanging pictures, and finishing our curtains. It was a long weekend, but we are really happy with the final product. And it goes without saying that we finished just in time for Travis to enjoy football/baseball with the TV on the wall. That’s his favorite part and pretty much only priority the whole weekend.

Not all our time was spent working on the house though, we did have some fun.

Friday after work I hung out with Will(little brother) who was in town and took him on my Friday run and errands.

I don’t want to brag, but I smoked him on the run. Haha, sorry, Will;) After running and QT with the bro Travis and I had dinner plans at a BBQ joint for one of our supper clubs(we have a couple). We had dinner out every night this weekend and the only picture I took was the crappy Chinese food Sunday night.

I shouldn’t say crappy, but out of all the places we ate this one was the least photogenic/good for me. Saturday we ate at a paleo diet inspired place where I got the veggie burger and side of roasted sweet potatoes. After a day of cleaning I dove right in and didn’t think twice about a picture before it was gone. Oh well, next time for sure.

Sunday it was back to work on the final touches of the house so we enlisted some help and they brought Harper’s friends over in exchange for brunch.

This is Magnum, who is Shelby’s new brother. He and Harper wrestle non-stop and wear each other out. Even when they get tired they just lay in the floor and bite at each other, so cute. I should say that in the picture above it looks like Mags is trying to bite Harper, but he only licks her face and she bites at him, LOL.

And to top the weekend off we spent time with more fuzzy friends.

We are catsitting for JoJo and Melissa while they’re in Italy. Cat sitting is pretty much the most fun and Honey and Niki(pictured) are so sweet and super talkative so I am entertained the whole time.

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