Water Over Caffeine

September 16, 2014

I hate to admit it, but I didn’t have a single drop of water to drink today until around 5 o’clock. I stayed hydrated(if you can call it that) with coffee and diet coke all day until I finished cleaning the house and finishing other “to do” list stuff and was so parched. It totally explained why I was so exhausted. Normally I can go, go, go when I’m drinking water, but today I felt so lethargic and knew it was all the caffeine I’d drank to keep my energy up after a sleepless night. Classic mistake! But once I got some good ole H2O in me I was right as rain!!! Water is always a better hydrator/energy giver over caffeinated drinks.

The reason for the sleepless night was because Harper wasn’t feeling too good. She woke us up a few times in the night frantic to go outside. She wouldn’t eat today and acted a little tired, but I think it’s just a little bug because she was still pretty playful.


My dad was driving through Atlanta and had his dog Boone with him so Harper and him played and hung out a little. Boone is only 10 months and is a haus! He thinks he’s the size of a puppy and it definitely not at almost 100 lbs.

After they left I worked on a few things and had originally thought of the day as my rest day, but decided I needed a good run.

running shoes

We only did about three miles because Harper was going really slow and I could tell she was still feeling bad.


I felt bad in taking her once we got home, but she fell right to sleep so she probably needed a good cardio workout. I know I felt better after our run! It could’ve been the water kicking in too;)

Have a great night!!!

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