Spring Granola

April 18, 2012


My last day of class is next Monday night! I am beyond excited and at the same time I’m anxious about what happens when I’m done. Since I only have a couple of more days of class my life over the past few days has been consumed by what I have left to do.

State Board Kit

State Boards are just around the corner so I’ve been studying and preparing so I’m not overwhelmed and super stressed when test time comes around.

In all the chaos of my final days of school I’ve not cooked a whole lot and have eaten my fair share of cereal and sandwiches for my meals. In order to ease my stress and feel like my old self I got in the kitchen and made granola.

It’s not exactly a four course meal, but I needed to make something to feel sane. I also made pinto beans and cornbread(not pictured) in a crockpot(not together) for us to eat on during the week, since I knew I wouldn’t be cooking.

I know that granola isn’t a meal, but it’s versatile enough to be a snack, side of breakfast, or paired with a light lunch. Since I was eating cereal anyway why not just make it and know what’s in it rather than have mystery preservatives. It took me all of 30 minutes from start to finish with barely any clean up, super plus!



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1 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table April 18, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Congrats on almost being done!!! That’s so exciting. :)

Your granola looks delish. Having clean foods for snacking and dinners is such a life-saver.


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