Short and Sweet

June 5, 2012

Oh how time flies when you go on a short vacay without your computer and your phone stays dead.

I am really bad about charging my phone and rely on Travis for his phone about 75% of the time. It drives him crazy, but I love not feeling like I need to look at my phone every 5 minutes.

We were in Tampa this past weekend for a wedding Travis was in and made it into a mini vacation. And since we have close friends that live there we stayed with them and hung out. Even if it was only a few days I’ll take that over nothing any day;)

Before my flight Friday I treated myself to an iced coffee and zucchini carrot muffin. I would have probably treated myself anyway flight or not, but we’ll just say it was because I was afraid of flying and this helped ease my anxiety;)

When I landed Friday Travis picked me up and we headed out to the rehearsal festivities and ended the night catching up with moreĀ friends. We didn’t stay up too late because the four of us had plans of running the next morning on the bay. I was so bummed I didn’t have my phone/camera with me because we saw dolphins along the running path. It was hot and humid, but the dolphins perked up my spirits and made the run more bearable. But it was still hot as HELL!

Saturday night was the wedding and I had my fair share of food and the pie bar. No pics unfortunately because I was too busy going back for seconds and thirds. I did, however, get a pic of our super cute homemade jam the bride made for everyone. How cute;)

Sunday was all about the beach!

I was more than excited to spend the day with Christy while the boys went fishing. I got a little sun which is just enough, but I wasn’t too worried about getting color as much as I was glad to spend some QT with a friend.

Our trip was fun, but sadly had to come to an end. Short and sweet was the theme of the weekend since it was more of a mini vacay. We got back early Monday afternoon and relaxed before the start of a new week. It will be short and(hopefully) sweet week since we’re only working 4 days.

Now it’s time to plan a LONG vacation.

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