Royal Wedding Sucker

April 29, 2011

I tried to be one of those people who didn’t really give a thought to the Royal Wedding. But who am I kidding? I’m a sucker for all things “girly”. (please refer to title of blog) 

Turns out it took over me and the first thing I did this morning was turn the TV on to see the coverage. Travis told me that Sports Center would cover it because David Beckham was there, LIES! Clearly that wasn’t the case, so I put my laptop in the bathroom while I got ready to stream coverage and it was perfect. I watched the 8 minute ceremony video and was hooked! I was SUPER excited when they hadn’t had their “first kiss” and I could catch that. I would be late to work, but this is history, DUH!


Almost resembles this Royal couple.

We’re rocking TOMS

 Yesterday I sold my dress and I wonder if she will do the same? Will she asked for a certified check? Sure hers will go up for auction, but who needs all that fuss, she should use Recycled Bride like I did or maybe Craigslist is more her style. You think? Hers will go for hundreds of thousands or more mine went for 10’s of hundreds. Same difference no biggie.

Anyways, let move on shall we. Last night, after passing my dress on to another, we went to watch the Hawks dominate the Magic! I’m not an NBA person, but it was pretty fun. Last weeks game was fun too, but this time we got to watch in a box! It was with Travis’ company so it was more of a work thing for him, but I had a blast!

we get laser eyes on weeknights after 9

I usually try to shy away from anything that will keep me out past 9 on weeknights but the energy was amazing. Surprisingly I feel good and rested today, which is good because it’s going to be another night out for the Hudgens clan.

Every month a group of 8 of us try a different restaurant. Tonight it’s Miller Union. I’m not lying when I tell you we’ve been trying for reservations for 3 months. It was mentioned in Food and Wine magazine so everyone rushed to eat there. I hope it’s as good as everyone says, but if not at least we tried it!

I love the idea of trying a new place each month. There are so many different places and having a group of friends involved makes it that much better.

Do you have any monthly group dates you look forward to?

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