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October 12, 2011

Yesterday ended up being WAY busier than I had expected at work so once the clock hit 5 I headed straight for the gym. I was in the mood for a super long workout since my day was so slammed so I did 30 min on the elliptical, 30 min on the bike, and an hour BodyPump class.
Don’t be too impressed or think I do this often. Harper was at day care and Travis was picking her up so I had a lot of time to kill before BodyPump at 6:30. And I didn’t workout Monday and don’t plan on working out today because I have a huge household to do list I need to tackle. Two hours of gym time is good enough for me to last a few days. I’ll take Harper on a good walk when I get home, but cleaning, laundry and bathing the animals(yes, both of them) will be my exercise today.

"Do I look happy to you? I will claw your eyes out."

When I got home I wanted to eat my arm I was so hungry. I had a protein shake to hold me over while I made Travis and I cheese quesadillas. The only down side was that we didn’t have any salsa or sour cream to go with our meal so Travis went to the market real quick while I finished everything up.  Some things I just can’t go without with certain entrée’s. I can’ t have a quesadilla without salsa and/or sour cream, I always like a roll or piece of bread with my soup(to sop up the bottom), and I can’t eat a burger without fries.
Once Travis got back I hoovered dinner and was ready for the surprise dessert he brought back!

I love Ben and Jerry's

The perfect post workout treat! You can also see the “Daddy’s girl” in the background. She is such a princess!
Today I have a lot going on because my parents are coming in town this weekend and we have dinner plans tomorrow so I have tonight and tonight only to get my shi– in gear! Lots of errands to run, laundry to do, etc.
Saturday my mom and I are going to O You!!!! I can’t wait! I’m missing class for this and will have a TON of work to make up but it’s so worth it. I’ll be sure to give you a recap. Fingers crossed for a free trip;) ha-ha jk that’s not going to happen.
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1 Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun October 12, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Agreed! Can’t have quesadillas without salsa or sour cream! Otherwise it’s just a grilled cheese in tortilla form. ;) And I would love to have some of that ice cream in my hands right now!


2 Heather October 13, 2011 at 9:30 am

You are so right, I love the comparison:)


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