October Goals and Daily Skin Regime

October 2, 2014

I can’t believe it’s already October. This year has flown by but at the same time I’ve had so much happen that I catch myself thinking, “oh yea, that was this year”. In the past ten months we’ve traveled, said goodbye to love ones, welcomed new additions to our friends family’s, I started a new job(this Summer), I’ve shed tears, laughed often, etc.

When I look back I also think about how I’ve accomplished a few things, but never set any concrete goals for myself. I used to make one or two goals per month but that kind of fell by the way side so I thought this month I would go back to goal setting.

  • Stop eating out for lunch: Most of my money each month goes towards unnecessary eating like lunch(when I’ve already packed something), snacks, drinks, etc. We’ll see how this goes, but if nothing else I hope to spend less than $40 all month on non grocery meals.
  • Run more: I’ve not trained for our annual Thanksgiving half marathon nearly as much as I need to so this month I’m ramping up the miles. Keeping up with my Crossfit helps a ton with strengthening my muscles for less injury as well as incorporating my next goal.
  • Add Yoga: After Sunday I realized that yoga really helps stretch out all the kinks from other workouts. I normally choose hot yoga over others, but power yoga works for me too because it’s upbeat and works up a sweat too.

What’s a goal you have for the month?

I get asked by clients what my daily skin regime is all the time. Now that the weather is changing I’ve recently modified what I’m doing slightly and thought I’d share.


daily am routine

Cleanser: Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is very gentle and is perfect at removing makeup, dirt, and oil from my skin without feeling stripped and dry. It doesn’t have any glycolic or salicylic which is perfect for my semi-sensitive combo skin.

Serum: I have two serums I use for the day, Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum. I don’t always use both depending on how my skin is feeling, but typically I’ll layer them for extra vitamin boost. The CE Ferulic helps combat sun damage and protects against UVA and UVB when paired with SPF but also helps prevent fine lines. The Vinoperfect is similar but corrects the damage that’s already there while helping combat any extra damage.

Moisturizer: I don’t use anything fancy to moisturize because I have such good serums, but this moisturizer is great all around at hydrating. I’ve used this Earth Science brand for years and whenever I try to deviate I’m never satisfied so I’m sticking to it. If I feel like I need extra moisture I just layer more on, but it rare I need to until Winter time when my skin is bone dry. You can find it at Whole Foods or Vitacost.com.

Eye Cream: I was given a sample of this Fresh hydrating gel a while ago and fell in love. I use an anti aging eye cream at night(below) and benefit better with extra hydration during the day. Lack of hydration around the eyes is the main reason for getting fine lines so keep that in mind if you’re not ready to make a full anti aging eye cream plunge. At least use a light hydrating serum or gel like this.


PM skin routine

At night I use the same cleanser and moisturizer but use different serums and eye cream. Our skin works overtime at night while we rest so if you’re going to use a product that is super effective use it at night for optimal results.

Serum: Caudalie Polyphenol c15 can be used during the day and night, but I prefer just at night. It has hyaluronic acid grape seed extracts which help heal and nourish my skin from the day. The Pro Heal is a spot treatment I use on areas that need extra TLC. If I have a breakout that is extra red and angry I dab this on top to reduce the redness, but this isn’t an all the time thing, but it is a nightly use.

Eye Cream: Caudalie Premier Cru is my nighttime eye cream that hydrates, depuffs, reduces fine lines,  and helps lighten dark circles. I’ve tried a ton of eye creams and this one is the only one I feel does the job when it comes to anti-aging.

I use a lot of the Caudalie line because it works for my skin and it’s a more natural line as a whole, but if you’re on the oilier side the line itself may not work for you. Same with the CE Ferulic because it’s better for dryer skin, but if you’re on the oilier side I would recommend the CF Phloretin. If you’re worried about being all natural and organic please know that “acids” are derived from fruits and a lot of ingredients are labeled using latin or scientific names so don’t let that throw you.

What is in your skin routine? Do you change for the seasons?



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1 Julie @ Running in a Skirt October 6, 2014 at 8:16 am

What a great post! I love seeing what products other people use for their skin.


2 Heather October 10, 2014 at 5:29 pm

Thank you! I’m the same way, I love seeing what other people use and how it works for them.


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