My Lactose Experiment…Update

May 15, 2012

Over the past week and some days I’ve had a harder time giving up dairy and anything that may contain my new-found nemesis. But actually, turns out not so new, since my mom informed me, this weekend, that I had a lactose intolerance the first 18 months of my life. Nice. That would probably been helpful to know sooner;) haha. Better late than never though!

I tried to be really conscious about not having milk, cheese, yogurt, etc, but there were times when I said “F” it and totally went for it. This, of course, always ended badly with bloating and uncomfortable pain(no more gas references I promise). I  can certainly say that I’m more aware of ordering food and what I make now and never realized how much cream we had in everything. During brunch this weekend it seemed like every entrée had some sort of cream or cheese and though I could have easily just went with it and taken a probiotic when I got home I refrained and felt better.

It bums me out that I won’t be able to enjoy one of my favorite treats as often if at all now that it’s getting warmer.

But there is another member of the house(not naming names) that has a slight allergy to dairy so that’s helpful. Now I won’t have to buy it and be tempted by a yogurt bowl in the morning.

The upside to this whole new style of eating is all the new foods and recipes I can start trying out. I’m weary of eating too much soy and getting enough calcium, but luckily Travis found a cookbook that has recipes that help with both.

I already get a lot of calcium with all the greens we eat, but I love my cheese and don’t like goat cheese so it’s gonna be tough. It also has gluten-free options which is great because we’ve been trying to cut down on that too. We’re not giving up everything cold turkey so modifications can be made if needed.

I’ll be sure to share some of the recipes I make when I get the book;)

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