Good Ole Granola

May 24, 2016

Hey!!! Long(very long, like over a year) time no blog!

I’ve been a little busy lately being pregnant and raising a baby which turns out is a touch time-consuming. Imogen was born on December 17th and she is the best(obvi). I’ll share more about her and life as a new mom later, but lets talk granola shall we.

Good ole granola

It may sound a little blah that granola is my first post back, but this is what I’ve been making lately and LOVE it so I had to share. I’m not a huge fan of store-bought granola because it’s really sugary and I can never really find combos I like. Plus, is it just me or can store-bought granola get really pricey? I can make my own using all the same organic ingredients for half the price. Plus, I’m not fond of all the extra sugars, and when I make it myself(as I’ve done here and here) I know exactly what’s in it.


It’s easier to make than you think and, for me, a staple in the house for a quick snack by the handful when I’m in between changing diapers, singing “the itsy bitsy spider” on loop, laundry, trying to survive the first year of being a mom, etc. My biggest recommendation in making it perfect is Parchment paper.


If you’re like me you don’t see the point in buying kitchen supplies you’ll only need once, but believe me it’s worth the $4. I actually used it when I made biscuits the other day and they turned out so much better than before. Parchment paper really helps to keep everything cooking evenly and avoids getting burned.

I hope you find this as good and as easy as I do!


What do you prefer making yourself vs. store-bought?



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