Girly Things Thursday: My New Favorite Must Have

December 8, 2011

Girly Things Thursday is back!

I had a bit of a brain block for ideas, but thanks to some great comments and e-mails I have some great topics. Over the next few weeks I’ll talk about hair, make up tricks and tips, picking a great moisturizer and try to tackle some nail designs.

One of my new favorite products I’m in LOVE with is a serum I got in my Birchbox recently and I just had to share. The serum is from a company called Sunday Riley and thank goodness I got to try the sample size. I’m not sure what I’m going to use when it’s out since it’s really expensive, but it’s done wonders.

My new favorite product

I know what you’re thinking, what is a serum? A serum is a skin care product that has a higher concentration of active ingredients, usually comes in a gel or creamy gel form and is meant for use under a moisturizer or mask. Serums should be used when you feel like your skin is in a rut and you’re not getting the results with your basic products.

Because serums are water based they are great for all skin types and especially help with hydrating in the colder months when you feel your moisturizer just isn’t enough. When you look for a serum it’s important to look at the ingredients for SD Alcohol 40 or Denatured Alcohol. These ingredients are dehydrating which will encourage dry skin cell build up.

When you use a serum make sure to use it under your moisturizer to get better results. To really benefit your skin if it’s in dire need of moisture keep your moisturizer in the refrigerator. When moisturizer is applied cold, it pushes blood away from the skin and in the process it creates a vacuum effect to pull the potent serum ingredients deeper within the skin.

But don’t forget that a little goes a long way. Many people think that if they use more, they’ll get better results. False! Your skin acts as a sponge and takes in all that it can and the rest may not absorb allowing for product waste. A dime size is all you need.

When I’m done with my sample size I’ll get a less expensive serum and have had my eye on the one from Philoshophy.

More in my price range

It’s still high in price, but will last forever since I don’t need a bunch. It’s worth the money and a must have in my book!

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1 Heather @ Better With Veggies December 8, 2011 at 4:57 pm

I’ve never heard the trick about moisturizer in the fridge – great tip! Thanks for sharing!


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