Girly Things Thursday: Friday Links

April 6, 2012

I got super lazy yesterday after I took my morning BodyPump class. And I’m on Spring Break mode and feel like the Honey Badger;) We had a sub and she totally kicked my tail into high gear. I wasn’t in a peppy mood(shocker) first thing in the morning, but her energy rubbed off a little bit on me so I pushed myself to use heavier weights.

When I got home and made my post BodyPump smoothie and coffee the muscle fatigue set in and I was on the couch until I had to go to work. I showered of course, but I didn’t do much else. That is why today I’m sharing my favorite links from some of my favorite websites I go to for some “girly” ideas.

Nails: Ombre Nails The Beauty

Make your nails ombre with this tutorial. The second I’m done with school, which is only 3 more weeks, I  will be getting some thing like this!

Hair: Headbands

I think headbands are so cute and have had my eye on this one for a bit.

They’re the type of hair accessory that all hair lengths can wear and work for everyone.

Some additional articles for fun:

Beauty advice: Marie

Workout Backfires:

Moves to get rid of muffin tops: Fit

Tips to feel slimmer: Fit

Happy Friday!

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