Beauty Buys to Bring You into Fall

September 12, 2014

Fall is just a couple of weeks away and I’m so excited! I won’t break out my seasonal decor or bake anything pumpkin until Summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning. And if you’re like me you transition your beauty and makeup routine along with your clothes. And if you’re not like me(likely the case), then here are some beauty buys you may look into just to try to mix it up!

beauty Buys

1. NARS Stylo liner in Koala: Liquid liner is something I love using on clients and always recommend others try but don’t actually use myself. I never could find one that I absolutely loved as much as my other liners so I just gave up until I came across this one. The applicator in this liquid liner is so precise I never have to worry about messing up and it being the end of the world. It goes on so smooth and the color is dark enough to make my eyes pop, but not too dark that it looks really heavy.

2. Sleek Blush in Pumpkin: I couldn’t resist sharing a Fall beauty buy that didn’t involve pumpkin. In the Fall I don’t stop using my bronzer but tone it down and use a richer color on my cheeks. The colors in this palette look dark but go on nicely if you don’t use a heavy hand. The orange looks intimidating, but if you apply VERY lightly it gives a rich peach color that is gorgeous for the upcoming season.

3. NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Hyde Park: If you look in my makeup bag all the lip colors are pretty much the same shade of natural pink. I’m a creature of habit when it comes to my lips and I don’t like to deviate. Since I work with tons of lip colors one day I decided to step outside my box and try a bolder color which was Hyde Park. Oh My Gah!!!! This color is so pretty and works brilliantly with my skin tone. The texture is so soft it doesn’t feel like a heavy lipstick and the color lasts a long time. My favorite part is that it’s a pencil so I don’t have to use a lip liner(I do though so I don’t risk the color bleeding)if I didn’t want to or didn’t have mine with me.

4. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Raquel: So…like I said in the above, I tend to veer in the direction of pinks for my lips. Well, I like to think this is different because this lipstick is so amazingly awesome!!!! The color is very natural with just a hint of pinky beige and glides on with a creamy feel. I just adore this line. They’re limited edition colors so I like to think that there won’t be another like this one so I need to get it now even though that’s likely not true. Oh well I bought it so whaddaya do?

5. Beauty Blender: This little guy works so much better than any of my brushes at blending leftover makeup into my neck, hairline, and nose. The brushes are ok, but I always break out my beauty blender to get in the nooks and crannies and blend in my makeup. The product calls for it to be used damp, but I use it dry and it works just the same. If you take care of it like your brushes(which is cleaning them regularly) than it’ll last forever. I’ve had mine for a few years and it’s still going.

6. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This stuff makes my skin feel so hydrated and smells amazing. When my skin feels dry or just blah I spray a little bit before my moisturizer as a light toner. It’s also great to set makeup and refresh your look throughout the day too. It comes in two sizes so you can keep one at home and one in your purse if you get addicted to it like I have.

7. Trish McEvoy 24 Hr Liner and Eyeshadow: Cream shadows are such an easy step for quick application on rushed days or even when you want a super natural easy look. I’ve tried lots of different brands but never get the same results as I do with the Trish McEvoy one. I just swipe along my lash line, blend up with my finger and done. When I want more drama I’ll use it under my eye for a smokey look and it’s just as easy and stays ALL day!

8. Real Techniques Blush Brush: You really only need a couple of brushes to get you through a daily routine and this is one of my favorites! My blush always looks better when I use this brush because I can just sweep color on and blend without having to get out another tool. The bristles are SO soft and for $9 you can’t get much better.


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