Is anyone else enjoying the warm weather as much as me? I don’t even mind the pollen that much because it’s so pretty out! I hear there’s a pollen vortex coming soon though so maybe I’m speaking way too soon. I think the rain every few days has helped ward off any serious allergies issues that may arise, which is nice so we can enjoy being outside more and do stuff like go to Braves games and hike.


But that’s enough talk about pollen and allergies. Let’s dive into some fun stuff like eats, goings on, workouts etc. This past weekend we visited my parents and got in some much-needed QT.

Me and T

I was too busy catching up and relaxing so I didn’t get any pics of our meals, but I did indulge in lots of great food as well as picked up my new favorite thing. Peach Butter.


OH EM GEE!!! If you’re a fan of apple butter, this is(dare I say) better. I’ve had this with my breakfast in cottage cheese and for snack on an english muffin. SOOO delicious! I could eat it all day everyday, but I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into one of those things where you eat so much you never want to see it again. I’m going to start rationing so that won’t happen;)

Another food I’m enjoying a lot more of lately: Seafood

salmon tacos

I don’t know why and usually I’m not all that into fish, but most of what I order in restaurants has been seafood based. Tacos, salads, sushi, doesn’t matter.


I think I’ve had too much beef and chicken and my body is just over it and in need of a change.

Spicy california roll

 And change is good! More goodness added to the list: Fresh Strawberries


I got these the same place as the peach butter(above) and they are my favorite snack and side. I LOVE fresh berries when they’re in season. Nothing better. Ok there are lots of other better food items, like ice cream, but topped with fresh strawberries makes it even better!

Workouts lately have been a mixture of things recently. I’m doing lots of Crossfit, barre classes, hiking, running(gradually getting back into that), and yoga. I’m trying to make yoga more of a habit especially since I’m doing more Crossfit. I’m so tight and it’s a huge help. The running isn’t as fun as it used to be but that’s another post. Working out should be enjoyable and challenging so I’m focusing on exercises that make me happy rather than dread doing them. That’s what it’s all about anyway.

Hope you had a great day!

Is pollen getting to you? What is your favorite seasonal fruit/veggie?




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In The Fridge

April 7, 2014


I’m not sure about you, but Sundays in our house are either really busy or super relaxed! If Travis is traveling for work the next week we typically spend the day relaxing, being outside, and not doing a whole lot. If he’s in town we try to still get in relaxation, but I also use that day to prep meals for the week, clean the house, finish laundry, etc. Since he’s in town this week I stocked the fridge and we’re ready for quick grab and go lunches and simple dinners that I prepped a lot already to put together and eat rather than spend a ton of time before hand.

Since the fridge is unusually stocked I thought I’d share what all I have going on. I got the idea from an article in the New York Times magazine last week where a photographer showed what some chefs have in their fridge which I thought was pretty interesting. Clearly I’m not a chef, but their fridge’s looked similar to my college fridge, lots of take out and a lot of randomness.


  1. Leftovers from the night before(not sure what exactly) and on top is frozen chicken breast thawing for dinner. I’ve been buying meat at Costco lately(they sell organic!) and thawing as needed and it’s  a huge help rather than going out for only one or two things.
  2. Cheese and deli meats. I haven’t had turkey and ham in so long, but I really want them in wraps with Laughing Cow cheese and veggies this week for lunch.
  3. Fruit(bought in bulk, also organic) that I cut up and put in containers for either smoothies, snacks or whatever. If I don’t go ahead and cut it up it will go bad and this way it’s easier to grab.
  4. Eggs. I got 2 dozen that will be used for all meals. We love some eggs!fridge_2.jpg
  5. Dates upon dates! Smoothies are sweeter with these little guys, but also when stuffed with peanut or almond butter make such a good snack.
  6. I bought a shit ton of salad stuff and made a HUGE batch of salad divided in small containers for taking for lunch and a large container for dinners. Spinach is in the mix too, but mostly used for smoothies and wraps.
  7. produce and WASA crackers kept from getting stale.
  8. Yogurt and a container of english muffins.

This week will be hectic, but at least I know our meals are ready which is a HUGE load off.

Do you stock your fridge on busy weeks? What is your favorite grab and go meal?


Southwestern Couscous with Chicken

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January 28, 2014

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Favs/Enjoying Lately: January

January 22, 2014

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January 20, 2014

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2014 So Far

January 2, 2014

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Barre3 and Rainy Day Soups

December 2, 2013

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