In The Fridge

April 7, 2014


I’m not sure about you, but Sundays in our house are either really busy or super relaxed! If Travis is traveling for work the next week we typically spend the day relaxing, being outside, and not doing a whole lot. If he’s in town we try to still get in relaxation, but I also use that day to prep meals for the week, clean the house, finish laundry, etc. Since he’s in town this week I stocked the fridge and we’re ready for quick grab and go lunches and simple dinners that I prepped a lot already to put together and eat rather than spend a ton of time before hand.

Since the fridge is unusually stocked I thought I’d share what all I have going on. I got the idea from an article in the New York Times magazine last week where a photographer showed what some chefs have in their fridge which I thought was pretty interesting. Clearly I’m not a chef, but their fridge’s looked similar to my college fridge, lots of take out and a lot of randomness.


  1. Leftovers from the night before(not sure what exactly) and on top is frozen chicken breast thawing for dinner. I’ve been buying meat at Costco lately(they sell organic!) and thawing as needed and it’s  a huge help rather than going out for only one or two things.
  2. Cheese and deli meats. I haven’t had turkey and ham in so long, but I really want them in wraps with Laughing Cow cheese and veggies this week for lunch.
  3. Fruit(bought in bulk, also organic) that I cut up and put in containers for either smoothies, snacks or whatever. If I don’t go ahead and cut it up it will go bad and this way it’s easier to grab.
  4. Eggs. I got 2 dozen that will be used for all meals. We love some eggs!fridge_2.jpg
  5. Dates upon dates! Smoothies are sweeter with these little guys, but also when stuffed with peanut or almond butter make such a good snack.
  6. I bought a shit ton of salad stuff and made a HUGE batch of salad divided in small containers for taking for lunch and a large container for dinners. Spinach is in the mix too, but mostly used for smoothies and wraps.
  7. produce and WASA crackers kept from getting stale.
  8. Yogurt and a container of english muffins.

This week will be hectic, but at least I know our meals are ready which is a HUGE load off.

Do you stock your fridge on busy weeks? What is your favorite grab and go meal?


The weather was acting super cray all day! The wind was so strong and one minute the sky was so dark it felt like it was going to storm and the next minute the sun was out. I wish it would go ahead and rain and get it over, but instead it’s waiting until this weekend when I want to be outside playing. UGH!

wkend weather

Oh well. I would rather have it rain sporadically through the season than have a dry Spring and nothing but rainy Summer like we did last year. Even though it was overcast and threatening to rain all day I couldn’t have more soup for lunch. Last week that’s pretty much all I had so I needed to mix it up. Since I’m nostalgic for warmer weather I decided to make a salad that is quick, simple, and doesn’t need heating up.

Cous cous

I love a good meal that can be made ahead, stored in the fridge and just put in a container real quick on my way out the door. I would love to say “put into a container the night before”, but that doesn’t happen. More often than not I’m shoving a ton of food into my huge lunchbag(it’s a large Lululemon shopping bag) right before I’m going to work so I have lots of options for snacks/lunch.


Today was different though and I felt more organized. I made it before work and put it together lickity split! The chili powder adds SOOOO much flavor. I was actually surprised at how good it turned out. I’m typically disappointed by couscous dishes because they turn out so bland, but this was way different and really good!


You could easily skip adding the chicken and have this as a side dish and it would be just as good. To save time I used a rotisserie chicken and used a mix of white and dark meat for a variety of flavor. It’s totally up to you though. Mix and match different veggies and make it your own. I recommend sticking with the chili powder though, so good!






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